1 Peter: Grace & Peace in Cultural Chaos

Grace and Peace in the Midst of Cultural Chaos

1 Peter 1

Would you like more grace and peace in your life? Peace with God? Peace with others? Do you want to know how to extend grace to others instead of being tense with them and stressed in your relationships? In this week’s session, Debbie encourages you to not only learn what God’s Word teaches us, but to live it, to know it and show it – God’s grace and peace – even in the midst of cultural chaos.

Saved to Grow in Salvation

1 Peter 2

Do you feel stunted in your spiritual growth? Although you read the Bible and know what it says, you struggle with impatience and worry. You don’t see the changes in your life that you thought there would be at this point in your Christian walk. The same sin is present as it was a year ago. In this session you will be inspired to take the steps to grow in your salvation, to step more into Christ’s likeness.

Believers Live in a Godly Way with One Another

1 Peter 3

Name calling. Blatant rudeness. Shouting. Putting one another down. Behavior once socially unaccepted is no longer shocking in political arenas, schools, classrooms, or public transportation. Has our society gone wild? Where can we find not only civility, but honor, kindness, respect, and love? In this session you will be encouraged with the refreshing manner in which the Lord teaches believers they can live and therefore stand out as His light in a culture that is walking in darkness.

The Rest of the Time Live for the Will of God

1 Peter 4

My will. Your will. What does God have to do with what you and I want? Isn’t our life our own, to do with as we please? Interestingly, God does respect our will. Although He is master and all powerful, He doesn’t impose Himself on us. However, He does lay before us the best path of life. He does empower believers through His Spirit to live their best life. In this session, believers are called to live the rest of the time they have for the will of God, with promises of rewards and blessings.

Cast Your Anxieties on God, Resist the Devil

1 Peter 5

“I can’t help it. I’m a worrier.” “I’m so stressed!” “I tried not to give way to the temptation, but I couldn’t help it.” “I am who I am.” Have you ever said or thought you were stuck and couldn’t change? This session ends the lie that things will never get better, that you’re doomed to a life of anxiety, that the devil made you do it and you’re powerless to change. You can change. Learn how!