Wives and Moms

Have you ever wanted to throw your hands in the air, and say, “Lord, I can’t do this!” If you have, join the thousands of others of us who have said similar words. Being a wife and a mother isn’t for sissys! I know! I’ve been married for over 42 years to the love of my life, Keith. We are blessed with two adult children, Taylor and daughter-in-law Ali and Lauren and son-in-law Chris along with five precious grandchildren. God has taught me a lot from all of them!

Being a godly wife and mother takes firm resolve, a commitment to the Lord, and an openness to learn His ways. The fact that you’re here shows that you have all three! For additional help and insights on marriage and parenting, check out my two resources: The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World and The Plan A MOM in a Plan B World. Also, visit The MOM Initiative, where I’ve joined a team of dedicated moms who are passionate about mentoring and encouraging YOU!

Love your children. Be filled with and walk by the Spirit.
1 Corinthians 13, Ephesians 5:18
Take your children to church. Don’t make it optional. Start when they’re babies. Don’t be legalistic, but be consistent.

The M.O.M. Initiative

The MOM Initiative is a movement of ministry leaders, missionaries, and moms who understand that it is moms who mold the heart of the next generation. We are committed to reaching the heart of the next generation by reaching the moms who are raising them.

We know that if the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, then the church that mentors those hands will win it. That if we want to reach at-risk kids, we need to reach the moms who are raising them.

By making mentoring missional, we not only minister to the moms who know Christ, we reach those who don’t.