What Others Are Saying

I can't tell you how timely this conference was. God used it to challenge, bless, and impact us in so many ways!


I thoroughly enjoyed the conference! God spoke to me and I FINALLY get it! I can honestly say that the day of the P.R.A.Y. with Passion Conference will go down in history as the second best day of my life. My best day will be when I meet Christ face to face. Thank you so much for bringing God's message!


The P.R.A.Y. with Passion Conference tasted like heaven.


I’m so glad you were able to bless us with God’s Words and love. You are a wonderful teacher and your love for the Lord shines throughout your message. Thank you for showing me the privilege I have to come into His presence. I can’t wait to read your book in its entirety.


Thank you for coming to CCC in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. I praise God for how He spoke through you. I felt like He introduced me to a sister who gets me and life. Truly, Deeply, Thank you. May God bless you and keep you on this journey. Praise Jesus, who's Word does not return void!


We loved how animated Debbie was and her visual illustrations. She keeps you captivated. Debbie's joy and heart for God are contagious.


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Debbie Taylor Williams has equipped women throughout the United States and in other countries via simulcasts to pray more purposefully and live more passionately for Christ.  A dynamic keynote, conference, and retreat speaker, Debbie shares God Word with joy and “take home” applications. Debbie is available to speak for your group, city, or state event. Find out more by inquiring below.