365 Days of Praise



“He will dwell on the heights, his refuge will be the IMPREGNABLE ROCK;”

Isaiah 33:16

Do you need a refuge, a place you can go that is higher than yourself, a place where you can scale the heights and look at life from a different, more eternal perspective? We all do. The daily grind can become just that – a grind. The thrill of the chase ends. The romance changes. The kids grow up. The job ends. The money runs out. The other side wins. Sin gets the best of us. What then?

The one who loves and follows Christ finds refuge in the IMPREGNABLE ROCK. In Christ, we scale beyond our current cirucumstances and see life with an eternal perspective. In Christ, we have a place of solidity on which to stand.

Can someone who is not a follower of Christ understand our refuge in the IMPREGNABLE ROCK? Probably not. But maybe if we show them the way, they will discover Him for themselves.

LORD, You are the IMPREGNABLE ROCK, our spiritual refuge. Thank You, our Lord and God!



“for you have been born again not of seed which is perishable but imperishable, that is, through the living and enduring word of God.”

 Have you ever let something spoil in the refrigerator? You meant to eat it, but didn’t. Later, you discovered the leftovers behind the milk and orange juice, opened the lid, and whew – it stunk!  It had perished. It was ruined. Not so with God and His Word. They’re IMPERISHABLE! They’re always good. And, the great news is that Christ is “planted” in believers. Christ lives in us. He won’t die. We won’t die. We’re indwelt by the IMPERISHABLE Jesus through the living and enduring word of God. Hallelujah! Celebrate!

Lord, we celebrate YOU! You are IMPERISHABLE. Your word is enduring. We’ve been born of Your imperishable seed. Thank You! We praise You!

Praise to our IMPARTIAL LORD

“For there is no partiality with God.”

One of the ways Hill Country Ministries fulfills our mission to spread the Word and love of Jesus is by taking God’s Word to inmates at Lockhart Prison. Most of them are mothers and their hearts are weighted with guilt; especially on days like Mother’s Day. They feel badly that they aren’t with their children, taking care of them. They feel badly about the kind of mother they’ve been. Yet many of them have learned that God is IMPARTIAL. They have turned to Jesus and found forgiveness. They’re mindful of God’s impariatlity; that He hears the church member’s plea for forgiveness and He hears the prisoner’s plea for forgiveness.

Heavenly Father, we praise You that You do not show partiality. Rather, You IMPARTIALLY judge us in light of our response to Your Son. Stir our hearts to a greater passion to follow Jesus and to raise faithful children who love and follow Christ. 



“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

Hebrews 13:8

Have you ever been with a person whose convictions changed as often as the seasons? Perhaps they followed one person’s teachings, then changed and followed another person who held a totally different view. One of the things for which we can be confident is that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. In other words, we can depend on Him. He and His teaching are  IMMUTABLE – unchanging over time. What He calls holy today is holy tomorrow. What He calls sin today is sin tomorrow. And the grace He extends today is there for us tomorrow. What a wonderful, IMMUTABLE God we serve!

Lord Jesus, we praise You, IMMUTABLE Lord God!

Praise to IMMORTAL God


“who alone possesses IMMORTALITY and dwells in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see. “To Him be honor and eternal dominion! Amen.”

1 Timothy 6:16

People long to be IMMORTAL. “If I can drink from the Fountain of Youth….” “If I can exercise and eat right….” It’s in the human heart to want to live, not die. Yet, we are mortal and will die. Jesus alone “possesses immortality.” He “dwells in unapproachable light,” 1 Tim 6:16. And, the IMMORTAL ONE extends immortality to us. Yes, it’s possible for us to live forever. But we have to drink from Christ, the FOUNTAIN of LIFE. John 7:37.

IMMORTAL LORD, we praise you and thank You for eternal life!

Praise to IMMANUEL


“‘Behold, the virgin shall be with child and shall bear a Son, and they shall call his name Immanuel,’ which translated means, ‘God with us.'”

Matthew 1:23

Can you imagine someone telling you what to name your unborn child? How about being told that your fiancé was going to have a son who would be born BEFORE the two of you came together sexually? While your head is spinning, add another piece of information: your fiancé is going to be pregnant not by a man, but by the Holy Spirit. At this point, it’s too much to absorb, but before you can ask a question, you’re told, “you will name Him Jesus.”  Before you can protest that you had planned to name your firstborn son after you, you’re told “Jesus” was selected because he would “save His people.” Your heart is racing. “Save our nation?” That thought is a good one! But before you can finish the thought, the announcer of the news continues, “…from their sins.” You want to blurt out, “What? Save people from their sins? But only God can do that.”

Lord Jesus, IMMANUEL, we praise You! You’re not a God who is far removed. Nor are You one who has left us to die in the catastrophes of our sins. Rather, YOU’VE come from heaven to earth, IMMANUEL…GOD WITH US. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Praise the IMAGE of the INVISIBLE GOD


“He is the image of the invisible God…”

Colossians 1:15

“I wish I could see God!” Have you ever said those words or perhaps wished you could ask God for His opinion on a particular subject? If so, look to Jesus. Study His walk on earth. Pay attention to His teachings. Why? Because Jesus is more than “like” His Father. The Greek word for “image” in Colossians 1:15 means “an exact replica, representation, or ‘picture’ of an original; it assumes a prototype, that which not merely resembles, but from which it is drawn.”* In other words, when we look at Jesus, we’re looking at God. When we listen to Jesus, we’re listening to God. Jesus – the IMAGE OF THE INVISIBLE GOD. Jesus – God with skin.

LORD Jesus Christ, we praise You, the IMAGE OF THE INVISIBLE GOD!

Praise to God who ILLUMINES the DARKNESS


“You are my lamp, O Lord; And the Lord illumines my darkness.”

2 Samuel 22:29

Are you in a dark spot? Maybe not literally, but it feels like it. You’re down. You don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps it’s the sin that surrounds you that oppresses your spirit. Maybe you’ve lost your vision for future projects or the vision for the family you which you longed. Perhaps the thought of growing older and entering the sunset years seems bleak. Whatever you’re going through, there’s good news. God is an eternal lamp that illumines darkness. Wherever you go, whatever your future, He will be there. Day by day, moment by moment, you can turn from darkness and look to the Light of His presence. You can say with the psalmist, “You ILLUMINE MY DARKNESS.

Lord, we praise you, for you ILLUMINE OUR DARKNESS.

Praise to “I AM”


God said to Moses, ‘I AM WHO I AM;’ and He said, ‘Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ …This is My name forever, and this is MY memorial-name to all generations.'”

Exodus 3:14-15b

A person’s name represents the person. If you say “Billy Graham,” not only is a visual of the man formed in your mind, but also what Billy Graham represents. If you say the name, “Hitler,” another visual pops into the mind, along with his character.  When Moses asked God what His name is, God states that His name is, “I AM;” meaning “I am the One who is.” His name, “I AM,” emphasizes “God’s dynamic and active self-existence.”*  He is not only the God who was. He is not only the God who will be in our future. He is the God who IS presently active, dynamic, and self-existent today.  How aware are we of His active, dynamic presence in our life?

Lord, we praise you, the great I AM!

*Charles Ryrie, Expanded Ryrie Study Bible Expanded Edition, New American Standard Bible, pg 94.

Praise to the Lord, Our HUSBAND


“For your HUSBAND is your Maker, whose name is the Lord of hosts; and your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel, Who is called the God of all the earth.”

“What does your husband do?” Many women are asked that question when first getting to know someone. For a single woman who longs to be married, such a question can be exasperating. For a woman whose husband works in a position she doesn’t respect, the question can make her uncomfortable. But what if someone asked about your husband and you replied, “He’s God of all the earth, the Lord of HOSTS.” God CHOSE to describe Himself as our HUSBAND who is committed to us for eternity. That’s something to smile about.   

Lord, HUSBAND, Maker, Lord of hosts, Redeemer, Holy One of Israel, God of all the earth, we love You and thank You for Your tender care and commitment to us.