Pray with Purpose Live with Passion (Book & Bible Study)


Christ prayed with purpose. He lived with passion. Discover the joy of a transformed life when you Praise, Repent, Ask and Yield according to God’s A to Z divine nature!

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9 reviews for Pray with Purpose Live with Passion (Book & Bible Study)

  1. Jane

    Debbie, One of Betty’s ladies told her that the more she digs into this study the more she finds. She compared it to mining for gold. I agree! This is an awesome study.

  2. Pat

    I could not let this morning go by without saying “Thank you for your yielding to our Lord!” I have had a deep desire to deepen my prayer life and my relationship with my Lord, but not knowing just how to accomplish that desire-then God answered my prayer by leading me to this Bible Study. I feel as though I now have the tools to lead me to a deeper relationship with my Lord and His Word. I can already feel the difference as I pray and study His Word that He is leading me into a deeper relationship with Him.

  3. Gary

    I have just finished reading your book and I am moved to write you this note. What an extraordinary work. It’s an exegesis of prayer, life, and the many aspects of God, and it opens roads to approaching Him. Your scholarship and storytelling are channeled into clear messages and ways to refresh our walks, and to be liberated from defeat. Your conclusions are compelling and true to the Word and the Spirit. The “looping in the wilderness” is such a powerful image. I had never read the “stiff neck” references in the Old Testament in the way you present them, nor have I ever heard such a clear idea of yielding as you present. While reading, I felt many a twinge of appropriate, if unwanted, self-reflection, which is what a book that points to getting on one’s knees requires.

  4. Hope

    I just started studying Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion and am learning so much. Things that used to “trip me up” aren’t anymore. I know the answers to the difficult questions. (Not ALL the difficult questions, of course, but the ones we’ve encountered thus far!)

    I’m so excited about sharing what God has taught me and wanted you to know that your study is reaching far more than just the hands that hold the book. It’s reaching everyone who experienced the study, the people they touch, and those who follow them. Thank you!

  5. Cristina

    Hello, Debbie! I’ve garnered many blessings from your ministry (and your books — Pray With Purpose, Live With Passion) and the WONDERFUL If God Is In Control, Why Do I Have A Headache? workbook!!! thank you!

  6. Lily

    Good morning Debbie,
    I have a PRAISE to share with you. When you were at a speaking engagement in New Mexico at Central Baptist about a month or so ago. I was blessed to be there that day. Unknown to me GOD had a real purpose in me being there. A dear friend walked up to me and gave me your book Pray with Purpose, Live Passion and said The Lord told her to buy it for me. I was and still am ever so grateful for that gift as I was and have been changed in my personal prayer life since that day. I now have brought this book to share with the ladies in our church.

  7. Sheila

    Just wanted to let you know a friend of mine went to the Spiritual Seekers Seminar in OK, and she bought me one of your books “Pray with Purpose Live with Passion.” I wanted to let you know, I have just finished chapter 7, and what a God sent book, thank you for allowing God to use you to write this book.

  8. Donna

    I’m leading a Bible study using Pray With Purpose. It has been so great. The ladies are certainly enjoying the time together. Thank you for sharing what God has given to you through this book and ministry.

  9. Marsha

    I have this book and I absolutely love it. I have read it many times!

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