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Mother’s Day in Prison



Friends, I received the following letter yesterday from a mom at the God of Hope faith dorm in Lockhart prison where I spoke in January.

Dear Hill Country Ministries,

My name is Mendy & I’m in prison at Lockhart, Tx. Mrs. Williams came to our Faith Based Dorm a few months back, and she had quite an impact on folks here, her book is real talk. I’m indigent here I have no family they all have died. I was adopted and don’t know them either. What I would like to ask, is if you could send me that journal she wrote up. It will be for my kids to let them know that every day I thought about them, loved, & missed them very very much. So now I’ve been with the Lord almost 3 yrs. In this Faith Based Dorm and I just got a year before I get out. See I would just like to have something nice to give to them when I get out to reassure them of my love, & that I would never give up on them & that I would always be their mother and well I was just reading her book and was moved to write her. Williams book is & does help to guide & direct us just like we ask God to do, & He sent us her book.(Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion.)

I hope and pray I hear from you soon.

FRIENDS, needless to say, I’m zipping to the post office and putting Prayers of My Heart prayer journal in the mail to her!

But, her letter prompted me to realize that moms on the “outside” of prison have so many opportunities to read Christian parenting books. Those on the “inside” don’t. So, I would love to send moms in the prison where I spoke The Plan A MOM in a Plan B World for MOTHER’S DAY.

This is short notice. But, I just received her letter and the nudging in my heart was so strong, I thought I’d see if we could pull this off.


Donate the following amount of your choice.

$15 – Covers the cost of 1 book: The Plan A Mom in a Plan B World

$11 – Covers the cost of 1 journal: Prayers of My Heart

$25 – Covers the cost of both books

$______ Above and beyond.

Your donation above and beyond the cost of the books will enable us to continue our ministry outreach to moms, the imprisoned, our local Bible study and teaching ministry, our online 365 DAYS of PRAISE ministry reach to over 10,000 people DAILY, our international Facebook ministry reach to over 5,000 people WEEKLY, and our P.R.A.Y. with Passion Conference from which I just returned from VA where 3 women accepted Christ and which we continue to take across America to the 27th state in August.

You can be a part of impacting moms in prison by giving them something that will equip them to better parent when they get out.


Hill Country Ministries is a non-profit 501 (c)3 supported solely by contributions. All gifts are tax deductible and deeply appreciated.

Please reply ASAP so we can ship the right number of books to the prison for Mother’s Day!

Thank you SO MUCH! God Bless, Debbie

Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for the opportunity to DO SOMETHING rather than just wring our hands at the state of our families. May each book IMPACT a mom for Christ. Then use her to IMPACT her children! In Jesus’s name, Amen.