Needing A Remodel?

Have you ever looked at your life, job, or relationship, and felt discouraged? Have you ever thought, “I don’t see any way things can get better?” Or perhaps, “My best years are over”? If you have had any of those thoughts, be encouraged. Why? Hebrews 3:4  tells us that God is “the builder of all things.”  In other words, Jesus was more than a small town carpenter. He is the one who built the heavens and earth. Jesus built His global church from a small number of men and women. If He can build the heavens and our bodies, and recreate us at our spiritual birth, He can build our lives in new, exciting ways. This is not the time for a DIY (Do It Yourself) makeover. We need a professional. Ask the Lord, the Builder of all things, to reconstruct your thoughts, to remodel your day, to expand the SONroom of your heart so you sit and have meaningful conversations with God and ask Him questions and learn from Him.  Ask the Carpenter to remodel you.

Jesus, Builder of All Things, You are our Savior Carpenter. You took nails that were meant for us on Your holy body so You could build us into a kingdom of priests. Reconstruct us into holy vessels who bring You glory. 

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