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Listen UP!    

  • Have you ever wished you could “hear” a word from God?
  • Does God still speak as He did with people in the Bible?
  • Is it possible to distinguish God’s voice from our thoughts?  
  • If I’ve never heard from God, can I begin now?  What difference would it make in my life?

Today, an overwhelming number of people claim to have “conversations” with God.  Some are cult leaders.  Others use séances and tarot cards to tell people their future.  Still others suggest meditating “inward;” that we are our own god.   

In the midst of these comments, Christians find themselves in a precarious position.  Do we believe that we can have conversations with God? Do we believe God is speaking and guiding people today as He did in the Bible?

With a careful look at the Scriptures, Debbie points out the role of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life.  Her “show, don’t tell” examples of those who have listened to God inspire the audience to pursue an intimacy with God that includes listening heavenward.  

 Who Is This Conference For?

  •  Discouraged believers.  Many in the church are committed to church attendance and even Bible study.  However, life continues to throw them “for a loop.”  Discouraged believers will be encouraged as they learn to hear God’s words of comfort in the midst of their trials.  
  •  Dedicated believers.  Believers who hunger after God will be inspired with practical ways they can develop greater intimacy with Him.  Through the examples of those who listen and respond to God, they will see that nothing stands in the way of the abundant life to which Christ calls them. 
  • Defeated believers.  Sometimes in life, we best listen upward when we’re flat of our backs.  Believers who are in the pit of defeat because of others’ actions or their own poor choices will have the opportunity to tune their ears to God’s voice.  Learning to distinguish His voice will equip them to avoid future pits. 
  • Seekers. Luke 19:10 says the Son of God came to seek and to save those who are lost. Seeking is a good thing – whether you’re God or a person who is seeking the truth. This conference will provide the seeker with Biblical food for thought to help them in their spiritual pilgrimage.  

PURPOSE:  God has set believers apart as His ambassadors in the world.  Yet, many live in ways that are indistinguishable from those who do not know Christ.  Rather than being led by God’s Spirit in their daily decisions, many consult the stock market or a friend.  Listen UP presents the undeniable truth that God cares about our daily lives and offers His help.

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The Plan A LIFE in a Plan B World

Recently, I was invited to keynote at a Prayer Breakfast that preceded the JUICE PLUS National Leadership Conference in Phoenis. The topic? The Plan A LIFE in a Plan B World, based on my book, The Plan A Woman in A Plan B World. Why was I asked to speak on this topic? Because the Juice Plus company recognizes that Plan B’s happen and value what Juice Plus offers a person both physically and finacially. Their national leadership also recognizes the value of our spiritual relationship with God. Because this keynote was directed toward a business-minded audience, this topic is based on DISCERNMENT; A GIFT FROM GOD to those who seek Him. Three people find themselves in a challenging situation: Nabal, Abigail, and David. Who uses discernment? Who doesn’t? What are the outcomes? What is the message for us?

Discover 8 Characteristics of Discerning People and change how you do business. Change how you do life.

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The Plan A MOM in a Plan B World

We live in a Plan B world, not the Plan A Garden God created. In our Plan B world, mom challenges come in the form of strong willed kids, sleepless nights, piles of dirty laundry, homework, sports, activities, meal and bedtime battles. Even the best mom can feel drained, over her head, and feel like giving up at times. As our children become teens and adults, challenges continue. 

With joy in one hand and the Bible in the other, Debbie shows you how to defuse Plan B parenting land mines so you and your children are blessed, not blasted by life’s battles.

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The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World

Women grow up dreaming of the life they hope to have.  Many believe they will meet their soulmate for life, find a fulfilling career, be blessed with happy and obedient children, and enjoy good health.  But these hopes and dreams often do not materialize.  The soulmate never shows up, marriages fail in alarming numbers, unexpected health issues arise, parenting turns out to be a much tougher job than expected– and suddenly Plan B sets in.  What do you do?

Through biblical teaching and real-life stories, Debbie unveils nine Plan B land mines that, if left unchecked, can hurt even the most well-intentioned woman.  You’ll leave aware of the land mines and armed with God’s blessings. 

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P.R.A.Y. with Passion Across the Nation (based on her book Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion)


Knowing God is sufficient to meet every need, this conference is centered on 26 of God’s divine attributes. Debbie deomonstrates how to Praise, Repent, Ask, and Yield according to the powerful names of God.  Debbie has taken this conference to 25 states.  A conference CD and podcast are available for you to preview. 

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If God Is In Control, Why Do I Have A Headache?


Have you ever wondered why some Christians seem to breeze through life but you don’t?  Does it seem like problems and trials come your way more often than not?  Have you ever wondered, “God, if You are in control, why…..”?  If so, you’re not alone!  In If God is in Control, Why Do I Have a Headache? Debbie shows you Biblical women’s seemingly “out of control” situations, the entrapments they faced, and how they broke free. Be encouraged and blessed as God rekindles your hope and equips you to walk in newness of Spirit. 

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If God Is In Control, Why Am I a Basket Case?

When little ones are crying, teens are driving you crazy, and hubby or co-workers are grumpy, what’s a woman to do?  If a personal masseuse is not an option, what is?  Debbie will bless you with practical insights from Colossians to help you maintain the joy of the Lord in the midst of chaotic living.  

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Prayer Infusion!

Is your prayer life less than passionate?  Do you feel you often pray the same prayers day after day?  In Prayer Infusion, Debbie demonstrates an approach to praying and journaling that will equip you to pray more effectively and passionately.  Endorsed and used by Beth Moore, Debbie’s journal, Prayers of My Heart, will provide a vehicle for Spirit infused prayers.  

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The Gift of a Transformed Mind

Many of us struggle with our thoughts and what our minds dwell on.  Hectic days invite stress and worry.  Frustrating circumstances can cause us to feel hopeless and defeated.  Mounting responsibilities can overwhelm us.  What are we to do when “life” is more than what we bargained for?  The gift of a transformed mind is yours when you apply a simple, yet profound technique Debbie brings you from God’s Word. 

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Becoming a Woman of Passion and Power

What is God’s passion and power?  How can we tap into it in our everyday lives?  How can we sustain God’s passion and power in our everyday lives?  Be inspired and equipped as Debbie provides insightful tools to help you become all God wants you to be:  a woman of passion and power.  


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If God is in Me, Then I’m God

A wave of “spiritual” teaching is sweeping America.  Many people, including Christians, are deceived because Biblical terms are interwoven with false teaching.  Don’t be one of them.  Learn how to stand against false teachings.  Be equipped so you can speak the truth in love to friends and co-workers.  Conference highlights:  twenty false “spiritual” statements and the truth of God’s Word.    

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Mastering Our Mind and Emotions

Depression is an increasing health and social concern to Christians and non-Christians alike.  Is there anything a Christian can do when emotions run rampant and one’s mind goes astray?  Get ready to be blessed! Debbie brings Biblical tools to equip believers to master their mind and emotions!

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Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas

Preparing our hearts for Christmas can be a challenge in the fast paced society in which we live. In fact, we may be more mindful about preparing our homes and meals than we are our hearts.  Debbie will show you how to keep the true meaning of Christmas at the forefront of your mind. Leave equipped to live out the true meaning of Christmas before family and friends.  

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The Christmas Journey

Have you ever thought about the journey Mary went on went she left Nazareth?  Her journey didn’t end in Bethlehem.  It continued.  But how did she and Joseph know where to go and what to do?  Come and find out as we explore Mary’s journey and ours.

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