YOU’re INVITED! Prayers of My Heart Launch – JULY 10

Prayer is a powerful blessing, but have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • You promise, “I’ll pray for you,” then forget. 
  • You shoot “arrow” prayers to God, but don’t spend quality time in prayer. 
  • Your mind wanders when you pray. 
  • You have prayer time, but seem to repeat the same words. 
  • You don’t hear Him directing you like it seems He does others. 

If so, I can relate. That’s why I know you’ll love our new updated Prayers of My Heart as much as we do and why we’re flinging our arms open wide and inviting you to join our LAUNCH team!

If you haven’t ordered your copy, you can do that now!  If you’re wondering, “Why bother to journal,” find out why HERE, but first scroll down to see what’s ahead!

We’re having fun, Fun, FUN getting ready for Prayers of My Heart to make her debut!

Prayers of My Heart has been like Esther – being primed and prepped for how God wants to use her.

God has plans, and with BETH MOORE’S endorsement and YOUR HELP, our families and friends will get a copy and delve into a richer relationship with the Lord.

Every party has certain elements, and so does ours. Here's what we launch party friends will do. 

Invite Friends to FB LIVE PARTY JULY 10

July 10 at 8:00 P.M. we’re having our Prayers of My Heart‘s Facebook Live Launch Party.

Invite your friends to join us!  Debbie will be giving away gift cards and “I’d Rather be Journaling” Prayers of My Heart totes.

They’re just the right size to hold your Bible, journal, and pen!  You’ll LOVE your new Journal!

Ways to Help!

The words in black are links so click away! 

1. ORDER your copy of Prayers of My Heart.

2.  REVIEW the book on major retailer sites. Post a selfie of you with Prayers of My Heart. Give it a shout out on your social media platforms. Feel free to share “What Others Are Saying.” Include #PrayersOfMyHeart

3.  POST a Shareable on your Facebook profile or SHARE a quote or verse on Pinterest. Be sure and tag me so I’ll see it! 🙂

4.  ATTEND the Facebook Live Book Launch Party on July 10 at 8 p.m. Invite your friends to join us. Be sure you’ve “Liked” my ministry page to keep up with what’s happening and daily inspiration.

5.  SHARE this page with others so they can be part of what God is doing with Prayers of My Heart.

6. WATCH the Slideshows to get ideas for different ways to use your journal.

7.  INVITE DEBBIE to lead a Prayers of My Heart Conference at your church.

8. SHARE this short video with friends and your church: