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Check Your “Ask/Worship” Ratio

During the Thanksgiving season we often emphasize the need to be thankful, grateful people. But how is our ask/worship ratio most days of the week? In other words, do we recognize God’s hand in our everyday life and thank and worship Him?  Or, are we guilty of barely acknowledging God’s many blessings and only saying an occasional, “Thank you” over a meal?  In other words, from God’s perspective, are we grateful or ungrateful? Second Samuel 22:14 records how David cried out to God. God’s response?  “The Lord thundered from heaven, and the MOST HIGH uttered His voice.” David’s response? He worshipped God. His words of praise are found in 2 Samuel 22. Among the many ways David acknowledged God, one was as “the Most High” God. David’s example of worship should prompt us to examine our prayer life. Are we full of asks but short on worship? If so, consider journaling. Recording your prayer requests and then words of praise to God as He answers them will increase your “worship/ask” ratio.  Follow David’s example, a man after God’s own heart.

Lord, Most High God, forgive us for asking but not worshipping You with thanksgiving. Holy Spirit, prompt us to be grateful, thankful believers who worship more than we ask. 

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Praise to the MOST HIGH

“The Lord thundered from heaven, and the MOST HIGH uttered His voice.”
How big is our God? How often do we recognize His hand in our everyday life? How often does something good come our way, and we pass it off, thinking, “that’s nice.” Or, do we bow our hearts in humble gratefulness and thank the MOST HIGH for what He gives us? From God’s perspective, are we grateful or ungrateful children?
David cried to God in his distress. God responded through what others might call “favorable circumstances.” But David’s response was, “Thank You, MOST HIGH. You did this in answer to my calling out to You.” David worshipped and praised God.
Would you agree that today is a good day for us to look through our prayer journals and highlight or date answered prayers; expressing gratitude to our MOST HIGH God?

Lord, MOST HIGH, give us eyes to see Your hand moving in our lives. Give us grateful hearts.