Be Like Jesus by Doing This


I wish I could be like Jesus. Have you ever had that thought? You wish you could heal your loved one. You wish you could speak and calm storms – literally and figuratively.  There are many ways we cannot be like Jesus, but there is one way we can be like Him. We can be prayerful.  Yes, Jesus prayed and we can pray often and fervently, privately and publicly, thanking our Father for our food, and praying over upcoming challenges and hard things to do. We can be like Jesus and teach others to pray as He taught the disciples in Matthew 6:9-13. If you wish you were more like Jesus, why not begin by being more prayerful? “Pray, then, in this way….” Matthew 6:9a.

Heavenly Father, thank You that although there are many ways we may not be like Jesus, you allow us to be like Him by being able to come to You in prayer. Thank You that we can pray. Quicken us to be more prayerful. 




Where is Jesus When Natural Disasters Occur



Wildfires. Flooding. Volcanoes. Tornadoes. Earthquakes.  Have you been affected by a natural disaster that killed a loved one, destroyed your livelihood, injured a loved one or caused you physical harm? Have you lost everything and in devastation raised your fist and asked God why? There are many questions we won’t have answered until heaven. But we can know this for sure. Jesus explained to the disciples that our current world is under the rule of Satan. He wanted us to know that and that He is praying for us. What is Jesus praying? Among the myriad of things, we know that He prays as in Luke 22:32, that our faith not fail. John 17:15, 24 record Jesus’s prayer that we be kept from the evil one and we see His glory. When we watch loving Christians respond to those suffering natural disasters, we’re seeing the face and hands of God.

Lord Jesus, thank You that You care for us and pray for us. Thank You for those who reach out to others in times of crisis.