What’s Going to Happen

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Do you ever wonder what in the world is going to happen?  Wars and rumors of war increase. Hostility, not peace, seems to be increasing.  If you’re concerned over the future, you’re not alone. But God doesn’t want us to be clueless. As a matter of fact, He gave Daniel a vision of future events. Daniel records in chapter 7, verses 21-22 that there will be a war and God’s saints will be overpowered until the One who is more powerful than any other, the highest one, Jesus, steps in. I wonder if you feel as I do – grateful, honored, and relieved to be on God’s side. And not only to be on His side, but to be called His saint. That is what’s going to happen one day. Be assured you are on the right side. Read the “Assurance of Salvation” verses.