End Times: What You Should Know & What You Can Do

Week 1 End Times: The Reasons for End Time Prophecies

Hi Friends! I’m so glad to have you join me for this important study. In case you’ve ever wondered why God included end time prophecies in the Bible and why you should “read and heed” them, get ready to find out! Steps to get the most out of your study: Click the study guide questions, print, […]
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Session 1 Study Questions: PDF

Week 2 End Times: The Reliability of Prophecy

Hi Friends! Welcome to week two of our study, “End Times: What You Should Know, What You Can Do.” Today it’s easier than ever for false information, lies, and propaganda to spread and for true information to be silenced. How do we predict the reliability of someone’s word, that what they say is true, whether about […]
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Session 2 Study Questions: PDF

Week 3 End Times: The Reality of the Rapture

Hi Friends! The Rapture is an event around which there are differing opinions.  Do you know what you believe about the Rapture and why you believe as you do? The Rapture and the 2nd Coming of Christ have five distinctive differences. Do you know what they are? Steps to get the most out of your […]
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Session 3 Study Questions: PDF

Week 4 End Times: The Revealing of End Time Events

Hi Friends! The Millennial Kingdom, 666, the Mark of the Beast, Daniel’s 70 Weeks, the Abomination of Desolation, the Great White Throne Judgment, Christ’s Return. Where in the Bible are they recorded? God is not keeping the future a secret.  He tells us what is ahead so we are comforted if we are a believer […]
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Session 4 Study Questions: PDF

Week 5 End Times: The Reward for Faithful Living

Hi Friends! Have you ever wondered what will happen to you after you die and what eternal life will be like? How familiar are you with the rewards Christ gives His faithful followers? Are you in line for a reward? Are you aware of which one(s) you will get? What do you think about your […]
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Session 5 Study Questions: PDF

End Times Quick Links & Thank You!

Hi Friends! Thank you for joining me for End Times: What You Should Know, What You Can Do.  Here is the complete set of 5 End Times Videos on YouTube.  Please subscribe to my channel so you’ll be notified of new videos on this and other subjects.  Click playlists to see what other content I have […]
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