Week 5 End Times: The Reward for Faithful Living

Hi Friends!

Have you ever wondered what will happen to you after you die and what eternal life will be like? How familiar are you with the rewards Christ gives His faithful followers? Are you in line for a reward? Are you aware of which one(s) you will get?

What do you think about your new home, the new heavens, new earth, and New Jerusalem? Take a look around. Jesus wants you to be excited about all He has prepared for Christians.

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Steps to get the most out of today’s study:

  1. Open the study guide to see what is available. Print and answer the questions.
    End Times Study Guide Session 5, The Reward for Faithful Living
  2. Watch the video.  You can either watch by yourself or get a friend to watch with you so you can pause and discuss it.
    The Reward for Faithful Living Video
  3. Forward the study to your friends and visit about this important topic.
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Use the Discussion Questions with a group at your church, in your life group, or with your home group to enhance your study experience.

Remember….please leave your comments about the study at End Times Bible Study or reply to this email. We’d love to know your thoughts.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


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