Perhaps nothing has impacted my life more than prayer. Why? Because it’s what connects us to our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ. It’s conversation with the Almighty, who has all power and love and mercy. His eyes are keeping a watch on us and He yearns to direct us and give us wisdom.

Can we learn to have a better connection with God through prayer? Yes!

Can we learn to be a better listener? Yes!

I want to encourage you to join me as we explore ways to become better listeners and doers of the Word of God.

The unique column format in ‘Prayers of My Heart’ gives us a way to sort out our burdens and take them to the Lord. I love this approach.
Beth Moore

Prayers of My Heart: A Personal Prayer Journal

In Prayers of My Heart, Debbie offers help for busy people to maintain the focused, meaningful, and intentional prayer life they want. This journal includes twelve Month-at-a-Glance charts, fifty-two Week-at-a-Glance charts, and ample journaling pages, along with complete instructions and examples to help you start recording your prayer requests and praising God for His answers!

Join Our Prayer Team

Your faithful prayers for Hill Country Ministries and Debbie Taylor Williams mean so much to us. We know that we can do nothing through our own strength but only through the strength, vision, and opportunities that God gives to us.

If you would like to sign up to join our prayer team, please follow the link below and complete the form letting us know about your interest. We will add your name to our list of prayer partners and send regular prayer requests for our ministry. Thank you so much for partnering with us!