Hebrews 12:1

Kidz Time 1 – R


Hi Moms,

I’m super excited you’re here – feeding your child’s soul with Biblical truth they will carry through life!

Here is “R” from Kidz Time 1.

Have fun!  Love, Debbie

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What’s Dangling in Your Life


Some time ago a friend asked if she could borrow a purse. The next day when she returned it, I noticed the price tag dangling from it neither of us had noticed. I thought of the old show Hee-Haw and Minnie Pearl who wore hats with price tags dangling from them. If only my thoughts had stayed there. Instead, they turned to sin dangling from my life. Me, walking around with sin that is perhaps unnoticed by others, but that God sees. Rather than focus on a dangling price tag on a purse, my Heavenly Father directed me to be concerned about sin dangling from my life. What about you? Is dangling sin a problem in your life? Hebrews 12:1 tells us, “lay aside the sin that entangles.” Learn how to do that in my book, Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion.