Whose Side Are You On

Sides. Children learn the concept of “sides” at a young age. They’re on this side or that side of the field depending on their team.  They learn about historical battles and what each side fought.  The Bible tells us that there are spiritual sides. God is on one side and the devil is on the other side. They are battling over our souls. Ephesians 6:16 tells us how to extinguish the devil’s flaming arrows. We’re reminded that we’re not in this battle alone. Our Heavenly Father is the Captain of our side and He wins the war against Satan because of Jesus who Isaiah 49:2 describes as a  Select Arrow sent straight from God’s quiver to destroy the works of the devil and save our soul.

He has also made Me a select arrow, He has hidden Me in His quiver.

Take courage. You may be in a skirmish but if you’re a follower of Christ you’re on the right side.

Lord Jesus, God’s SELECT ARROW, thank You for coming to earth to destroy the works of the devil and take us to Your side. We love and praise You!

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