Clean and Empowered


Are you a Christian? Hi. I’m Debbie Taylor Williams.You’ve acknowledged you’ve done or thought wrong things; that you’re not perfect like God.  You’ve asked the Heavenly Father to forgive you; acknowledging in faith that Jesus took the punishment for your sins. You’re clean. But are you living the empowered life? Why is this important? John the Baptist baptized people in water, but in John 1:33  he explained this about Jesus. “‘He upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining upon Him, this is the One who baptizes in the Holy Spirit.’” John baptized repentant sinners in the river symbolizing the washing away of their sins.  Jesus baptizes repentant sinners with the river of living water – the Holy Spirit, flowing in them, empowering them.

Thank You, JESUS, that when we come to You in repentance, confessing You as Lord and Savior, that You BAPTIZE us with the HOLY SPIRIT. Help us be mindful of the gift of You Spirit in us so we walk and live by the Spirit

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