Bite, Chew, Graze


Are you hungry? Is there a gnawing in you? Do you feel that something is missing? That no matter what you do, purchase, or where you go, you still yearn for more? Do you try to fill the emptiness but it’s still there? If so, maybe it’s your spirit that is hungry.  The answer isn’t more food, clothes, or money. The answer is found in Ephesians 5:18, to fill our spirit with the Holy Spirit of Jesus who John 6:48 describes as the BREAD of LIFE.  Jesus is to the soul, what a whopping delicious meal is to our body. Begin the day with bite size Bible verses.  Chew on them throughout the day. At night, graze on the promises of Christ. Go to sleep with your spirit fully satisfied in Christ.

Lord Jesus, we praise You, BREAD OF LIFE! Thank You for turning our yearning into satisfaction as we meditate on You.