What’s Coming Up Behind You

Have you ever been driving and keeping your eyes on the road before you when suddenly a car came up too fast behind you? If so, you probably know the startled feeling and hope that the driver slow down rather than rear end you. Often, we speak of the Lord leading us, but Isaiah 52:12 also speaks of Him as watching out for our backs. “… the Lord will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your REAR GUARD.”  In this verse, God is referred to as a rear guard to the Israelites when they escaped Egyptian bondage. God is also our rear guard. He watches over us, leads us, and not until heaven will we know how many times He’s protected us from encroaching danger and evil. Just as it was important for Moses and the Israelites to pay attention to and follow God’s instructions, it’s important for us to pay attention and follow His instructions. How do His warnings and instructions come to us? In the Bible and the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

Lord, thank You for being our REAR GUARD and for all the ways You watch over us and protect us. How comforting to know You’ve got our back.

It’s easy to forget how God “prompts” us. However, if we record His promptings and verses applicable to our life, we can reread and follow them. Recently, I was able to get a great deal on Prayers of My Heart prayer journal and want to pass HALF OFF savings to you – $7.50 instead of $14.99. It’s a perfect Christmas gift for teachers, friends, family, and your Bible study group so get one for yourself and those on your Christmas list WHILE AVAILABLE at this price.