A Good Name to Be Called

Who’s your governor?

Who’s your president?

Who’s your king?

If a foreigner asked us who our king is, we might reply that in the US we have a president; not a king. But, is that totally true? If we’re a believer, we have a king. Our King is victorious over Satan. Our King purchased us with Christ’s blood. Our King transferred us from Satan’s domain to His glorious Kingdom. Our King sealed us with His HOLY Spirit. Our King’s laws are eternal and good.  And, He refers to us not as His subjects, but as His Saints. “Great and marvelous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou KING OF SAINTS,”  Revelation 15:3 NKJ.  Day in and day out, how mindful are we that we have a King? How mindful are we that we are His saints?

Our KING, forgive us when we ignore You and Your authority. Help us be mindful of You as we go about our day in Your kingdom. Help us be mindful that we are Your saints.  May we represent You well to family, friends, and others.