Ask UP

Stuck. Frozen. Breathe. Just breathe. Call a friend? Or, Ask UP?

God has given us friends to encourage and support one another. But, He’s also given us access to come to Him with our questions, hopes, dreams, and concerns. He wants us to do more than “ask around” when we need help. Jesus tells us to Ask UP in Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it will be given to you…”  Why? There’s nothing more UPLIFTing we can do.

Following are a sample of prayers recorded in the Bible. When you know you should Ask UP, but your mind draws a blank, you can turn to prayers in the Bible and pray them.  Which of the following might be UPLIFTing to you today?

Prayer for Discernment

Prayer for Forgiveness

Prayer in Time of Discouragement

Prayer to Know God’s Way and Truth

What Will You Do Today? Ask around? Or, Ask UP?

We can go through our day with a downcast or troubled spirit. We can jump on the pity party train and ride it through the day and week. Or, we can recognize that our Lord has lifted us UP to Himself and we can ASK UP.

What Do You Think

  • Do you think people more often ask around or Ask UP?
  • Which prayers in the Bible do you pray and find UpLIFTING?

Heavenly Father, thank You that You invite us to come to You and ask for our needs. Help us take Your invitation seriously and not just ask around, but most importantly Ask UP.