Acts 14-28 Walking in Power

Acts 14

Paul and Barnabas, relying on the Lord, spread the gospel to Iconium, Lycaonia, Derbe, and Lystra where Paul healed a lame man and after being stoned, continued on; then returned to the Antioch home church. 

Acts 15-16:10

Acts 15-16:10 Salvation is by faith through the grace of the Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit of Jesus closes and opens doors. We are to immediately follow His promptings.

“10 Essentials for Christian Relationship and Moving Forward in God’s Will”

Acts 16:11-40

Paul’s second missionary journey takes him to Macedonia. Lydia becomes the first Christian in Europe. Paul and Silas sing hymns of praise in prison. Their jailer is saved.

Acts 17

Paul continues his second missionary journey to Thessalonica, Berea, And Athens where he sees, strategizes, and successfully preaches Jesus in the midst of opposition, sneers, and idol worship.

Acts 18:1-19:7

Paul completes his second missionary journey and begins his third; while Apollos goes to Ephesus and Corinth.

Acts 19:8-20:1

Paul teaches in the school of Tyrannus. God performs extraordinary miracles through Paul. Evil persists. Confessions lead to the Word of the Lord spreading through all Asia.

Acts 20:2-36

Paul exhorts believers in Macedonia and Greece, sails to Troas where he preaches and raises Eutychus, then sails to Miletus where he gives farewell exhortations to Ephesian elders. Paul’s life is a demonstration of the Word and Spirit – a model to us for life and ministry.

Acts 21:1-22:29

9 Characteristics of a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led Christian.

Acts 22:30-24:27

8 Principles from Acts 23-24.

Acts 25-Acts 26

What you can do in difficult times.

Acts 27

Paul’s ship encounters a storm enroute to Rome.

Acts 28

Paul safely arrives in Rome in fulfillment of Christ’s words.