Disheartened or Proud?

Have you been thinking lately that there are few people you can trust? When we’re told one thing and then find out the person never intended to follow through on their promises, it’s disheartening.  That’s why we appreciate words like we find in Psalm 18:30 that says, “As for God, His way is BLAMELESS;…” Once again the Bible reiterates what we need and long to hear – that we can look to and fully trust our Lord. He is BLAMELESS which in the Hebrew means “whole, entire, sound, complete, wholesome, unimpaired, having integrity, entirely in accord with truth and fact.” Wow! Reread the Hebrew definition of the word blameless. Then, celebrate in praise.  Our Lord and His Word are true, not the changing culture.  Proudly, voice your faith in Jesus Christ. Let the light of the Blameless Lord shine through you.

Lord, we celebrate YOU, the BLAMELESS One!