Do You Hear Him

Have you ever done a study on the voice of God? It’s fascinating! In Isaiah 30:30, we’re told the following about God’s voice.

And the Lord will cause His VOICE OF AUTHORITY to be heard.

The literal translation is “VOICE OF MAJESTY.” How does God speak to us?  He speaks through His majestic creation that He is glorious and that He is a God of order with unlimited imagination. God’s voice speaks to us through the Bible, the wisest, most beautifully written work of all time. God speaks to us through Christ letting us know that He is sacrificial, loving, and forgiving. God’s voice speaks to us in our innermost being warning us of the dangers of sin and calling to us to walk in His ways. Yes, God’s voice goes forth. He calls to us but sometimes the busyness of the day drowns out His voice. How can we make sure we don’t miss hearing God calling to us? We purposefully choose to slip out of our beds in the mornings and quietly meet with Him – just the two of us – so we can hear Him without interruptions. We return throughout the day to think on Him and listen for His promptings. His voice encourages us in our weariness. His voice comforts us that we repent of sin. His voice instructs us, “Take this course of action…”  If we take God seriously,  write down His instructions, and follow through on what He tells us, we discover He calls to us and instructs even more. Are we listening? Are we obeying? Are we experiencing the blessed life of intimacy with the Almighty?

Voice of Authority, Voice of Majesty, thank You for speaking to us. Tune our hearts and minds to recognize Your voice and obey You. 

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