How Are You?

How are you today? If I asked that in passing, you’d probably say, “Fine. And you?” I might answer, “Fine.” Or, “Doing great!” However, often, we aren’t fine. It’s not that we’re intending to lie when we reply. Rather, it’s a societal politeness. “How are you?” And, “how are you?” With those with whom we’re close, however, we share how we really are. We may say, “I’m sick of quarantining.” Or, “I’m really concerned about…..” If you’re wishing you had someone to confide in, remember that you do. Jesus is more than a God to worship. He’s a God who counts you worthy to die for and most certainly worthy to listen to. When we read in 1 Peter 5:7, “He cares for you,” that’s not a platitude. It’s our Heavenly Father letting us in on a little, no a big secret. Our wonderful Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ care for you. Talk to them. Tell them the secrets of your heart.

Thank You, Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ for caring for us. Thank You that we can talk to you about any and everything. Thank You that You listen and respond. We love you. 

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