How Not to Go Crazy with Anxiety

A few years ago, my morning started off peacefully. 5:30 am with God has a tendency to do that. After my quiet time and while scanning emails and news stories, however, I almost came to the conclusion that I’d unknowingly had Covid or might have gotten Covid the day before or maybe two days before. Or maybe I shouldn’t get the vaccine in case I had unknowingly had Covid recently because someone told me you could get really sick if you didn’t wait 3 months to get the vaccine after having it. I had no idea if that was true. However, after reading the article that listed 98 SYMPTOMS of Covid, I began to wonder if I had it. My eyes had been a little red one day last week and that was one of the symptoms. I had dismissed the redness as allergies, but you never know. Okay, I think you get my point. Everyone could probably identify as having had one of 98 symptoms of anything and go into a frenzy if they are the worrying type, which thank goodness I’m not. However, understandably, Covid has caused an increase in anxiety in our nation and world and if not because of Covid, you may have stressed over politics or any number of other issues. It is normal to feel anxious when our loved ones are ill or when family or financial problems arise.  What’s important for us to remember in stressful times is that Jesus is with us and cares for us. He doesn’t want us to go crazy with worry. He wants us to cast all our anxiety on Him as 1 Peter 5:7 clearly states. Yes, just like a person casts a fishing line into the water, we can cast our anxiety on Jesus knowing that He cares for us and will see us through every day. If you’re feeling anxious, cast your anxiety on Him right now.  Tell Him your anxious thoughts. He loves you, is listening, and He is ever present to comfort you. By the way, did you know that your prayers ascend to God as a fragrant offering? That information along with a lot of other wonderful truths is in the book of Revelation, which is why I hope you’ll join me for my study, End Times:  What You Should Know, What You Can Do.” Learn how you can participate by email. 

Jesus, thank You for being a CARING LORD on whom we can cast our anxiety! Comfort all those who are suffering. Bring healing and strength to caregivers. We love You and thank You for caring for us.