If You’re Struggling with Darkness

Darkness has a new meaning to me after we were without electricity for 6 days during the Texas winter storm. Thousands continue to struggle without power. They have no light except the flicker of a candle or flashlight. Even with those, you use them sparingly when you don’t know how long they will last. All that I went through in the winter storm took on new spiritual application. The fact that Christ broke through the darkness of sin and not in a small flicker of a way or a temporal moment, but rather in a burst of eternal light into our darkened souls is amazing. Zacharias prophesied in Luke 1:78 that Jesus would bring light to the world. He called Jesus the “dayspring from on high.” Listen to his words,  “Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us.”  Jesus, the Dayspring of heaven, visited earth and brought heaven’s glorious light to our dark world and souls. What kind of light? The light of His glory.  The light of His Holy Spirit shining in and warming our hearts. The light of His teachings showing us the path of truth. The light of His radiance purifying us of our sin. The light of His presence energizing us. If your soul is dark… If your thoughts are dark… If your perspective is dark…there is hope. Jesus can break through your darkness. His presence can eliminate the dark. You don’t have to keep struggling. Invite Him into your life, into your soul, into your mind, into your thoughts, into your heart. Ask Him to disperse the darkness and light you up with heaven’s glory. Ask Him to use His light to purge you of your sins. If anyone can bring light to you, it’s Jesus. I and millions others can testify to Him doing just that. Tag. You’re it. And in a glorious way. Say yes to Jesus, Heaven’s glory.

Glorious Light, Dayspring from on High, we confess that our world is dark and often our soul, mind, and thoughts are dark. They are dark without You. They are dark until You disperse the darkness with the light of Your presence. We ask You to disperse the darkness now. Shine the light of Your presence in us. Show us sin we need to confess. Cleanse us. Forgive us. Fill the hollow of our hearts with You. Teach us to walk by the Light of Your presence and the Light of Your Word.