Marco Pollo


Did you ever play Marco Polo in the swimming pool? I have fond memories of playing it with my sister, Vicki. We’d take turns closing our eyes and calling out “Marco.”  The other one would respond, “Polo,” then swim away to avoid being tagged. Some of us may think of Jesus as one who is blindly searching for us when we call out to Him. That is far from the case. Jesus has His eyes on us and is waiting for us to call on Him. Jesus is the SEEKER of the LOST, as He explains in Luke 19:10,  He came to earth to seek and to save. He sees you. He sees your unsaved loved ones. He’s calling our names.

Lord Jesus, thank You that You see us and know where we are. Thank You for SEEKING and SAVING us. May those who are calling for You then running away, turn toward You with arms open wide. May our nation turn toward You. 

“The Son of Man has come to SEEK and to SAVE  that which was lost, Luke 19:10.