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End Times begins March 1

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End Times is a prominent topic in the Bible but we often avoid it because it can seem daunting and hard to understand. But what if we could understand it? What if it held blessings unimaginable? What if it changed the course of our life and eternity? It can and it just might.

In this study, national author and Bible teacher Debbie Taylor Williams explains what the Bible reveals, in other words, what God wants us to know. When we know what the future holds, we can’t help but ask the next question, “What can I do?” This study will answer both those important questions in addition to:

  • What is meant by End Times?
  • Where in the Bible are the End Times discussed?
  • What are signs of the End Times?
  • Are we in the End Times?
  • Doesn’t every generation believe they live in the End Times? What makes our generation different?
  • What is the Rapture? How can we know the Rapture is a real, future event?
  • What can I do to prepare to meet Jesus whether by death or the Rapture?


Understand what is going on in our culture and world.

Gain confidence in God’s plan.

Know how to pray and prepare whether you meet Christ by natural death or His return.

"Your message is completely accurate. I had been disturbed by what's going on in our society but now realize these things must come to pass just like the Bible says. Thank you for presenting us with the truth." - Pat