Power Dressing

A few days ago I had a reality check. Was the woman in the mirror really me?  What about you? Have you ever had a reality check about yourself, but rather than do something to correct a bad habit you continued in it? Is there help available to those of us who want to change?  Yes. In Luke 24:49 Jesus said He would send the Holy Spirit who would clothe His followers with power from on high. Talk about power dressing that affects not only us but our relationship with God and others. God knew we needed supernatural power to live out our faith. If you’ve not liked something you’ve seen about yourself lately, read Galatians 5:13-26, a great spiritual mirror. Then, pray to God to fill you with power from on high to walk out your faith. Find more tips in The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World and The Plan A Mom in a Plan B World.