Prison Ministry

Together We Can Impact Our Culture for Christ

Laura – Before and After She Met Christ

When we IMPACT women in prison, we IMPACT their families, our communities, our GENERATION and the NEXT.

I met Laura when I taught at The God of Hope Faith dorm at Lockhart Prison in Texas.  She was so excited about her new life in Christ.

We can do MORE than WRING OUR HANDS about the problem with drugs and violence.

We Can Reach Those in Prison with the Good News

I received the following letter from a mom at Lockhart Prison.

My name is Mendy & I’m in prison at Lockhart, Tx. Mrs. Williams came to our Faith Based Dorm a few months back, and she had quite an impact on folks here, her book is real talk. What I would like to ask, is if you could send me that journal she wrote up. It will be for my kids to let them know that every day I thought about them, loved, & missed them very very much. See I would just like to have something nice to give to them when I get out to reassure them of my love, & that I would never give up on them & that I would always be their mother and well I was just reading her book and was moved to write her.

Williams book is & does help to guide & direct us just like we ask God to do, & He sent us her book.(Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion.) I hope and pray I hear from you soon.

Mendy’s letter is one of many I receive.  You can be a part of changing women’s lives… and therefore, when they’re released, changing their children’s lives.

Here's How You Can Participate

  • Pray. In the Week at a Glance section of your Prayers of My Heart journal, label one of the columns US/US (United States/Unsaved).  Then, record “Prisoners” under that column. Every week you can be reminded to pray for women and moms in prison – that they will be reached with the good news of Jesus.
  • Lead Discovering His Passion, The Plan A Woman (or Mom) in a Plan B World, or Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion in your local jail.
  • Help me replenish The God of Hope Faith Dorm at Lockhart Prison with Pray with Purpose that they use for their prayer curriculum. Due to funding, the women are no longer able to have their own book. That breaks my heart. In the past, when I’ve gone to teach there, the women had their books highlighted and marked. When they left the faith dorm to return to the main prison, they took their book with them. $17 will get a book into 1 inmate’s hands and the gospel into their heart. Simply designate in the “Note” section of your donation checkout that you are designating your donation for books for the prison.

‘When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:39-40