Snip the Fringe

Several days ago when cleaning out my towels, I reached for one I’d used in the guest room. Picking up the black towel with dangling tassels, I noticed there were several missing tassels. This towel has to go, I surmised, tossing it aside. Then, glancing back at the towel, I realized that rather than toss it, I could snip it. I could snip off the tassels that remained and that way continue to use the towel. Snipping away, the Lord reminded me of how important it is for me to rest in His hands while He snips the sin from my life; so He can continue to use me. What about you? Is there a sin that needs to be snipped from you so God can use you? If so, go to Him. Get my study on 1 Peter. Learn how you can be useful in God’s hands. 

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