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When Whims Aren’t Good


Can you imagine if God ruled by whim, by ever-changing emotions and laws? What if on a whim, He decided to not be forgiving? Or, what if on a whim, God decided not to forgive you? What if on a whim, God changed His standard of holiness? I think you might agree with me that we’re thankful that is not who our loving God is. Rather, Psalm 99:4 assures us that our Heavenly Father is a God of justice. He has ESTABLISHED EQUITY.  That is why the psalmist says, “Let them praise Your great and awesome name; Holy is He.” (Psalm 99:3) Yes, that is why we praise our great and awesome God. He is not a God of whims, but rather, a God of equity.

Heavenly Father, thank You that You don’t rule by whim, but rather with equity. We love and praise You!  

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Give Me Jesus


“In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus.” The words, “In the morning when I rise, give me Jesus,” are written in bold letters on a plaque my daughter gave me several years ago. I see it every day. Give me Jesus. Yes, I want Jesus in my day, in my decisions, and moments. But certainly, another plaque could hang in heaven. “In the morning when she rises, give me Debbie.” Yes, rather than our relationship with Christ being one way, one in which we benefit from Christ being in our lives, isn’t Christ also to benefit from us being His child? Aren’t we supposed to be serving Him and His purposes? The answer is yes. If you realize your relationship with Christ is one way, get a copy of my book, “Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion” at Amazon. Begin a two-way relationship with Jesus.


Become a First Responder


 Standing at the front of the room, women’s ministry leader Pat, led a discussion on “Experiencing Grace and Peace in Cultural Chaos,” my study of 1 Peter. The discussion centered on challenging situations Christians experience today. Pat summarized one point of discussion, saying, “first we respond by praying.”  Her words brought forth images of first responders rushing into burning buildings and first responders helping flood victims. Likewise, Christ calls Christians to be first responders to the chaos in our culture by sharing with others how to know His grace and peace. Learn how to be a spiritual first responder. Get a copy of “Experiencing Grace and Peace in Cultural Chaos.”




 Wait. Those were Jesus’s words to His apostles following His resurrection and prior to His ascension. Wait is a word some of us aren’t comfortable with. We’re action-oriented. Yet Jesus commanded not only the first century disciples to wait, but we too are to wait. Wait for what? 1 Corinthians 4:5 tells us to wait until the Lord comes who will bring to light the things hidden and disclose the motives of men’s hearts. 1 Thessalonians 1:10 tells us to wait for Jesus who will rescue us from the wrath to come. If you’re upset because of the evil in the world and rising deception, you’re in good company. Christ is returning. He will reveal men’s motives. He will rescue you. Learn about Christ’s return in my study, End Times: What You Should Know, What You Can Do. 


I’ll Be Back


“I’ll be back,” I assured our lab puppy the first time I left her. I knew Katie didn’t understand my words, but wanted to establish a routine so she’d learn I’d return. As Jesus neared the end of His earthly ministry, He explained to His disciples He was leaving, but He’d be back. He did what He said He was going to do. He died on the cross, was buried three days, rose from the grave, and returned to them just as He said. Before His ascension, He told them He was going to His Heavenly Father, but He’d be back. The disciples believed Him and lived in anticipation of Christ’s return. Do you believe Him – that He’ll be back? Are you preparing for His return? If not, watch my free videos of End Times. Prepare for when Christ comes back. 


Drowning Eagles


Recently I was reminded of a National Geographic special about how eagles catch fish. Eagles fly high above the water and with their keen eyesight spot a fish, then dive for it. They grab the fish with their talons and fly to shore to eat it. However, on occasion, an eagle grabs a fish heavier than it can carry. With their talons deep in the fish, they can be taken into the water and drown. That can happen to us, too. Well intentioned Christians can believe they have a handle on sin, but in fact, it takes them down. 1 Peter is filled with examples of drowning sins that we can avoid. Get your copy of “Experiencing Grace and Peace in Cultural Chaos, a 5-week study that will help you avoid drowning in sins and help you soar in your Christian walk.


Come Back to God


“Look at the deer. Oh no. There goes Katie! Needless to say, my husband and I called for our lab as she chased the deer. It’s her nature to chase them. We understand that. Then what’s the problem? We bought Katie to be with us, not run away. As we continued to call, we spotted Katie, tongue hanging, running back to us. Thinking about Katie chasing the deer, I realized how much my nature is like hers; that too often I follow my natural instincts. Yet, the Lord who bought me, calls me to Himself. Where are you today in relation to God? Are you running from or to Him? Following your natural instincts or walking by Christ’s Spirit? If you’re running away or have wandered away, turn back. Begin each day with my free devotional, 365 Days of Praise.


How Do You Measure Up


Taking a break from writing, I decided to measure some bookcases for a project I was working on. Opening the drawer, I reached for a tape measure but hesitated. Which one? The large industrial tape measure or my cute fabric-covered one? Realizing it didn’t matter since an inch is an inch no matter the tape measure, the Lord reminded me sin is sin no matter the person. We will each stand before God, the rule maker, who will measure us by the standard of His righteousness. How will you measure up when you stand before God? If you’re not sure, click the Resources link. Watch the End Times videos. Prepare to meet Jesus. Make sure there will be no sin by which He measures and judges you when you die. End Times Study.

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Snip the Fringe


Several days ago when cleaning out my towels, I reached for one I’d used in the guest room. Picking up the black towel with dangling tassels, I noticed there were several missing tassels. This towel has to go, I surmised, tossing it aside. Then, glancing back at the towel, I realized that rather than toss it, I could snip it. I could snip off the tassels that remained and that way continue to use the towel. Snipping away, the Lord reminded me of how important it is for me to rest in His hands while He snips the sin from my life; so He can continue to use me. What about you? Is there a sin that needs to be snipped from you so God can use you? If so, go to Him. Get my study on 1 Peter. Learn how you can be useful in God’s hands. 

Friends, you’re invited to a study of Acts that I’m teaching. Learn more HERE.


Turbulent Times


Gripping the arms of the airplane seat, the passenger seated next to my sister was visibly scared. Linda encouraged her, then asked, “Do you know Jesus as your Savior?” The pilot had said there might be turbulence. Everyone’s seat belt was on. But the irregular motion of the air seemed to throw the airplane out of control. Passengers felt the strain against their seat belts and watched unsecured objects fall to the floor. No wonder the lady panicked. No wonder people today are also feeling the strain of life and nearing panic in our turbulent world. As the turbulence worsened, the lady on the plane replied to my sister’s question. “I’m a Christian, but I think it’s time to rededicate my life.” Is it also time for you to rededicate your life to Christ? If so, read About Jesus. Take care of your relationship with Jesus today.

Friends, you’re invited to a study of Acts that I’m teaching. Learn more HERE.