Perks of Prayer vs Perks of Pets


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Did you know there are health perks to having a pet? But what if your idea of a pet is a pet rock? Are there other ways to become healthier? Yes! Studies show that people who keep a journal of their prayers experience health benefits such as less anxiety and more positive moods. They also tolerated pain better. And, for those who are married, findings show that when people pray for the well-being of their spouse when they feel a negative emotion, both spouses—the one praying and the one being prayed for—report greater relationship satisfaction. Journaling our prayers increase our awareness of God’s faithfulness and therefore increases our peace. So, sure, take your pet for a walk, but also walk prayerfully with God. Prayers of My Heart journal will get you started.

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Portobello or Poblano – It Makes a Difference


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Talking and laughing with friends as we entered a restaurant, my husband asked about the poblano soup special.  Thinking about a Portobello soup I’d had, I replied, “It’s mushroom. Delicious!” When the soup arrived, I realized my not paying close attention had caused me to steer Keith in the wrong direction. Paying attention isn’t only important when ordering. It’s important every day in our fast changing culture. Pro-Choice may sound nice, but Pro-Life saves babies. Black Lives Matter, but all lives matter.  In Matthew 5:13, Christ calls us to be light. We can only do that if we study the Bible to know His truths. In Acts 17:11, the Berean Christians were commended because they searched the Scriptures daily to find out if the things they were being told were true. Can that be said of you? If not, select a Bible study, know what the Bible teaches. Be the light.

Life Crashes


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Starring at the back of the airplane seat in front of me, I read the words, “Southwest 737 Safety Information.” A few inches below was another notice: “Literature Only.” The airline was clear. I was not to put my phone or anything else in the pocket that held their literature. They also wanted me to know and follow their safety information. I and others complied as you might expect. Everyone buckled their seat belt and put their bag under the seat or in the overhead bin. I couldn’t help but wonder why we comply with an airline company but often don’t comply with our Heavenly Father’s safety instructions. If you’ve had a few life crashes lately, study 2 Peter to Learn How to Live by Christ’s Divine Nature.

Grinning Joy


Do you ever have a blah day? That happened to me some time ago. Not motivated. Not feeling the joy only God can give. If you can relate and it’s been a while since you’ve had grinning joy that causes you to race to God to thank Him, you can. How? What caused me to get the joy only God can give? One morning as I was praying, the Holy Spirit nudged me to do something. I wrote it in my journal, then quickly did it. The result?  My spirit was filled with joy. No doubt the disciples experienced joy after returning from their first missionary journey. (Luke 10:17) They experienced joy as they followed Christ’s instructions. (Matthew 25:21) The next time you notice that there’s no spring in your step, go to God. Offer yourself to Him then follow through on how He prompts you. Experience grinning joy.

Have Fun with God



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Do you ever save a note someone has written you? I have a special one that my daughter wrote to me when she was five. It says, “Have fun with God and practicing BSF, ” a Bible Study I taught at that time. Lauren associated me having fun teaching a Bible study in the same way she had fun at her dance class. It raises a good question. Do we have fun with God? No doubt the disciples did when followed Jesus’s advice and threw their fishing net where He showed them. They had so many fish they could barely haul them to shore! Although life has hard and sorrowful times, as believers we should also know the joy of the Lord, as Galatians 5:22 explains. How can you experience more joy? Daily record ways God is working in your life and those for whom you pray. You’ll experience an increase in joy when you do. Get more tips for a joy-filled life.

Take Hold of Your Miracle


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Have you ever seen God work miracles in people’s lives and wondered if it might be possible in yours? Why shouldn’t God work miracles in your life? The other person in whom Jesus works miracles is not holy in and of themselves, but through Christ. Our Savior came to seek and to save the lost, as Luke 19:10 states. Begin with the miracle of being forgiven of your sins by repenting and confessing Jesus as Lord. Continue walking with Him and experience the miracle of your eyes being opened as you pour over the Scriptures. Prayerfully begin each day humbly before the Heavenly Father and experience the miracle of the Holy Spirit filling you. Practice Christ’s teachings and experience the miracle of a transformed life. Miracles are all around us. Take hold of yours. My study, “How to Live by the Divine Nature” will show you how.

I Knew You Were Going to Do That



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I knew you were going to do that. Have you ever said those words to a close family member or friend? You were able to say that because you had been around them so much. Could we also say in praise to God, “I knew you were going to do that” when He does something miraculous or extraordinary? Deuteronomy 5:24 says, “God has shown us His glory.” In other words, when we pray and ask God to work in someone’s life or in our life and He does, we can joyfully praise Him, “I knew You were going to do that.” Such words reflect our faith in God’s presence and provision. If you’ve never smiled heavenward and praised God, expressing your confidence in Him, why not? Begin the journey toward greater intimacy with God.  Watch, listen, or read “Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion.”

I Can’t God, I’m Praying


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Recently while reviewing my teaching videos of Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion, I was reminded of one morning when I was praying. The Holy Spirit brought to mind a point to include in a chapter. Noting the point, I continued to pray when the Spirit nudged me, “Write it down now.” My response? “I can’t God, I’m praying.” Oh yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds. I laughed at myself. It woke me to a stark realization, though. Prayer is two way conversation if we give our Heavenly Father a chance to speak to us. We see His desire to have two way conversations throughout the Bible. God and Abraham. God and Moses. Jesus and Peter. They walked and talked together.  We can have that kind of prayer life. My book Bible study, Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion can help you develop greater intimacy with God. Prayers of My Heart journal gives you a place to record how the Lord impresses you.

What 50 Jump Squats Say About a Person


Sorry, I’m a little out of breath. I just finished 50 jump squats. No, I was not the one who did 50 jump squats. Rather, it was a lady who had ordered 50 copies of my book, Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion to give to her life group, moms in a prayer group, and workout group. She had called to see if I could sign the books. When I returned her call, I caught her in the middle of her workout routine. Her casual comment told me a lot about her as well as her order of the books. How? Our words reveal our innermost self as Jesus explained in Matthew 15:18. “The things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart.” What do our words reveal about our hearts? If you want your words and heart to be more like Jesus’s words and heart, join me for my teaching sessions on “Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion.” Watch free on YouTube.

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Too Bad, Too Late


Flying home from speaking, the gate for my connecting flight was announced: D34. Waiting at D34, I wondered why so few people were there. Checking the flight board, I discovered the departure had changed to C19. Dashing to the gate, I asked if I could get on the plane. “No. The doors are closed. We called for you.”  “I didn’t hear you,” I replied.  “We called.” My heart sank. There was nothing I could do. It was too bad, but I was too late.  So it is with God’s call to heaven. We may think we’re in the right place. Or, we may not be paying attention. But Jesus calls us to enter heaven through Him. Matthew 7:13 says, “Enter through the narrow gate.” Have you heard His call? Have you entered into saving faith through Jesus? He is calling you now. Meet Jesus here.