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Do You Need a Miracle


Do you need a miracle? Something extraordinary in your life? What do we mean when we use the word miracle? Webster’s defines miracle first and foremost as “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency; just as rising from the grave.” Another definition is “a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences;” such as “it was a miracle that more people hadn’t been killed or injured.” Perhaps it’s that last definition we use most often. “It’ll be a miracle if I can manage everything going on in my life.” Or, “It’ll be a miracle if my child can get off drugs.” Or, “It’ll be a miracle if our marriage makes it.” Let me ask again, “Are you in need of a miracle?” If so, our best bet for experiencing one is to bring Jesus into the equation. Galatians 3:5 describes Him as the MIRACLE WORKER. “So then, does He who provides you with the Spirit and WORKS MIRACLES among you, do it by the works of the Law, or by hearing with faith?” As we consider Jesus, the Miracle Worker, it’s important to consider the combination of the two words: miracle and work; along with the word “faith.”  Our miracle isn’t going to happen with the twitch of our nose as the 1970’s show “I Dream of Jeannie” depicted. If we study Jesus’s miracles, we see they involved energy and power (Luke 8:46), most often required a person taking part in faith (John 5:8-9), and often took place as the person acted in obedience (John 9:6-7). Maybe Jesus is showing us that rather than demanding, “God, do it now,” we should thank Him for how He has already worked in our lives and faithfully take the steps He shows us.

Lord Jesus, thank You for being involved in our lives. You are the only One, the MIRACLE WORKER, who can help us. Open our ears to Your instructions and our hearts to faithfully follow Your promptings. 


We’re committed to walking side by side with you and interceding for you. In addition to Prayers of My Heart JOURNAL being a place for you to record your prayers and how God is answering them, you’ll soon have a place on our website to let us know your prayer needs. You can post your prayer request anonymously or give a first or last name. Regardless, you’ll know a member of our Prayer Team is joining you in taking your prayer request to our Heavenly Father.

Praise to the MIRACLE WORKER


“So then, does He who provides you with the Spirit and WORKS MIRACLES among you, do it by the works of the Law, or by hearing with faith?”

Have you ever wished for a miracle? Jesus was and still is a MIRACLE WORKER. But consider the combination of the two words: miracle and work.  Perhaps we think of a miracle as happening with the twitch of the nose as in the 1970’s show “I Dream of Jeannie.” However, Jesus’s life indicates that His miracles weren’t effortless. They took energy and power. (Luke 8:46) They sometimes required the other person taking part in faith. (John 5:8-9) They took place as the person was acting in obedience. (John 9:6-7) Rather than prayerfully demanding, “God, do it now,” perhaps we should pour forth thanks for the ways He has already worked in our lives. Perhaps, we should open our hearts to hear and obey what He tells us to do.

Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for being actively engaged in our lives. You are a MIRACLE WORKER. Open our eyes to Your miracles. Open our ears to Your instructions. Open our hearts to respond in faith. 


We’re committed to walking side by side with you as we join hearts to increase our knowledge of who God is. We’re also committed to interceding for one another. That’s why Prayers of My Heart JOURNAL is  important. It’s a tool to help us remember those for whom we should pray and to celebrate with gratitude the ways God is working in our lives and those for whom we pray. Journal 1 time a week, 1 time a month, or every day. It’s up to you. Here’s What Others Are Saying about Prayers of My Heart. Order today so your journal will arrive before I begin our new free Prayer Podcast series. Or, pick up a journal at our ministry office-Hill Country Ministries. Please call first, 830-257-5995 or 830-377-2704, to make sure we’re not away from the office.

How to Pray for Unbelievers


Are you burdened for those who do not know Christ? Although our unsaved friends, family, or neighbors may not want to visit about Christ, we can pray for them and be ready to present the truth.  Discovering His Passion will equip you to speak the truth in love.


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Congratulations on getting Prayers of My Heart! We love the Month At A Glance section because...

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Prayer journaling, for me, is inspirational!

Why? First of all, prayer is not just about us pouring out our requests to God, but also about God pouring His will into us—what He is doing and accomplishing.

Can you imagine the disciples “telling” Jesus where they were going next on their missionarg journey, how they were going to get there, and who they were going to heal? I

nstead, we find the disciples following Jesus and listening to His instructions.

Yes, at times they questioned Him. “Rabbi, the Jews were just now seeking to stone You, and You are going there again?” (John 11:8). But then they listened and followed.

Many times I’ve knelt with my Bible open and my prayer journal in hand, not knowing how or what to pray. But in those times of silence, the Lord directed me even as Romans 8:26 says. In those times, the Holy Spirit brings to mind prayer requests that have direction and insight that I would not have thought of. The joy of being led by God’s Spirit and recording His requests is dynamic and didactic when we kneel with Bible and journal in hand. It’s two-way communication with the Father.

On the paper you see only words, but in lives you see change as the dynamic Spirit of God the Father moves on behalf of His children and kingdom. 

Prayers of My Heart prayer journal

Prayers of My Heart Week at a Glance



                                                             Friends, today I’m posting a different post because 
PRAYERS OF MY HEARThit the #1 BEST SELLER in the category of PRAYER last week on Amazon. I’m THRILLED that YOU have a heart for prayer! Since the “Week at A Glance” section is unique, I want to share with you how I use it. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll LOVE opening your journal, seeing the names of those for whom you’re praying; and going under their name with your petitions and THANKSGIVING as you see God working in their lives!

1st   Open your journal and fill in the week. Read the Scripture at at the top of the page. Let the encouragement SINK INTO YOUR HEART and MIND. Beside the first row, jot down the date. (This isn’t really necessary. It’s just a habit I have.)  In the first column write “LORD.” (Again, this isn’t mandatory. I just love beginning my prayer time by focusing on an attribute of God.) Think through the other people for whom you regularly pray. After years of journaling, I now use initials. K is for my husband Keith. He’s in the 2nd column. T & A are for my son and his wife and kids. L & C are for my daughter Lauren, her husband and kids. FAM is for the rest of Keith’s and my families. Continuing on the right side of the journal under “Prayers for Others,” my columns look like this:

FR (for friends) MIN (for ministry) CH (church) US/US (for the USA & the Unsaved) BK (for books I’m writing/have written) SP ENG (for Speaking Engagements)

The boxes are SMALL. The point of this section is not pouring out your heart in INK. Do that in the “Meditations, Notes, & Prayers” section. The “Week at A Glance” is for you to record the “sound bite” of the prayer on your heart. For instance, I might have on my heart, “Oh, Lord, I’m grieved for our nation. All the killings, our own citizens turning against us; the moral decline. Lord, help us return to You. Convict us. Raise up the church to be a light in our country and world. Let it begin in us and our homes.” This is NOT where I record every word of that prayer. Rather, I pray those words, but in the BOX under US/US, I record, “RETURN TO YOU;” a sound bite of the prayer. 

Think of it as you do texting. ASAP – as soon as possible. BFF – best friends forever. It’s kind of cool because you may not want someone to pick up your journal and read every word so you can customize abbreviations that you use with God. For instance, (and this may seem a strange example, but unfortunately is one too many women deal with) if your husband beats you, you might record SBM (stop beating me). SBM could also stand for “see beauty more” in the world. So, if your husband, child, or you are “down” all the time, you might record SBM and it mean that in your journal. Inc Hunger could mean “increase humger for You;” meaning you are asking God to increase your appetite for spiritual things. You may at times, record the whole words. “GET JOB.” “HEAL.” “ANOINT.” Your journal is YOURS.

WORD of WARNING. Don’t get crazy about filling in every box every day every week. That’s the beauty of the column format. You may be interceding for someone and their prayer request be the same for weeks. If you’re a mom and trying to get your little one to sleep through the night, your journal may look like this:


6/21   Sleep thr nite

6/22   Feel Your Peace

6/23   ”     ”       “

6/24   Patience w/her

6/25   Smooth bed time

Your columns may be for your most practical every day needs and/or for the most intense spiritual warfare on your heart; such as souls to come to faith in Jesus Christ. Mine is a combination of both. The US/US is where I list the names or initials of those for whom I’m praying to come to faith in Jesus. I record different prayers as God brings them to mind.

US/US  (for our nation and the unsaved)

Hunger for You

Convict of spir need

Use me in conversation

I’ll be sharing more about journaling, and am also happy to answer your questions. Simply post them below in the comments section. This is a NEW day of prayer, sweet friends! I’m honored to be sharing it with you.