The Difference in Slow and Fast

Are you hot-tempered or does it take a lot to get you angry?  What kind of person would you rather be around – a hot-tempered or patient, loving one? What kind of Heavenly Father do you prefer? One quickly angered by your shortcomings or slow to anger?  If you said you’d rather be in a relationship with someone who is slow to anger and great in love, you’re on the same page as Psalm 145:8. Psalm 145 encourages us to give thanks for God’s name and to praise Him. Why?
The Lord is gracious and merciful; SLOW TO ANGER and great in lovingkindness.
Prayers of My Heart journal is a great place to record your thanks to God for all the ways He is revealed in the Bible.  It is also a thoughtful and meaningful gift for someone who is going through a hard time. Share with them the benefit of focusing on who God is and because of who He is, the many ways He can help them.

Lord, thank You for being SLOW to ANGER. We love You and thank You for revealing Yourself to us in the Bible. Each of Your character traits encourages us. Our souls are at peace knowing You are an ever-present help.

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