This is Reassuring in Unsettling Times

NOTE: This post was written and scheduled prior to the events of January 6.

In your lifetime, how many people have you seen take positions of leadership and then be unseated? It happens. People and countries are left shaken … swinging between being hopeful of a new administration or fearful of the one that’s taken office. But our Lord wants us to know that He’s on the throne and He’s not going anywhere. First, there’s no person or spirit or power that can touch Him. Second, if they could, they couldn’t over-power our Lord. If we want someone in our lives on whom we can depend, then we need to look no further than the Lord who abides forever. Psalm 9:7  assures us, “…the Lord abides forever; He has established His throne for judgment.’”

Heavenly Father, we praise You that You have established Your throne and no power, person, or principality can unseat You. We love and praise You.

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