What Are You Uprooting and What Are You Growing

Some time ago I noticed a vine growing in my flower bed and didn’t know if it was a weed I should discard or if it was a vine I should keep. I had to make a decision. Uproot it or let it grow?  Many today hear spiritual teachings and find themselves like me yet in relation to a matter of much more significance – wondering if they’re hearing a good teaching to which they should adhere or a false teaching they should discard. Jesus doesn’t want us to make the wrong decision. He tells us in John 15:1, “I am the true vine.”  Do you know someone who is allowing vines of secular humanism to grow in their heart rather than growing Jesus’s words and teachings in their heart? If so, what can you do? Bear Christ, the TRUE VINE, and His fruit in your life so they can taste and recognize the real thing.

Lord Jesus, we praise You, the TRUE VINE. Uproot anything in our lives that choke out the fruit of Your presence.

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