Well, sorry to tell everyone, Mom, but I got my LOVE for brownies from her. Once as a kid she had made brownies and I said “Mommy, please don’t eat ALL the brownies while I am school today.” LOL Needless to say, she didn’t, but we still laugh about it. We did not discover this recipe until I was grown up but it is a HUGE hit every time I take it anywhere. In fact, this weekend when I made them for a get together, they were devoured. My husband says they are his favorite brownie that he has had and the kids kept coming back for more! People will ask how I made them and I just love how simple it is for me to make. No fuss. They are simply divine!


3 Symphony Bars with almonds and toffee bits                         

1 (13×9) size brownie mix




Prepare brownie mis as instructed on box. Pour 1/2 of prepared mixture into a greasted 9x13x2-in pan. Layer the 3 Symphony Bars on top of that layer. They should fit perfectly to fill the pan end to end. Spread the remaining batter on top of the bars. Bake at temperature given on brownie mix recipe and also at the time recommended on the brownie box. Do not cook longer even if the center looks under done or the brownies will become like rocks as they cool. These are yummy!

Note: If you desire less sweetness, use only 2 Symphony Bars, breaking them into pieces and distributing them evenly over the top of the first brownie layer. Then continue the above directions. (This is what I do!)

“The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you…”  Numbers 6:25


Lord, God, You are our living water.
Thank You for nourishing our bodies with food,

And our spirits with Your Word.

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