Eyes in the Back of Your Head

The other day my daughter shared with me that when her son was little, he started looking through the back of her hair. His little fingers were just combing through it, separating each strand. She said, “Hudson, what are you doing?” He said, “I’m looking for the eyes in the back of your head. haha He was so accustomed to her being able to know what he was doing even when she wasn’t looking at him, that she’d kiddingly explained, as many of us parents have, “I can see you. I have eyes in the back of my head.” Well, we parents certainly wish we did have eyes in the back of our head so we could watch out for our little children and warn them if they were getting into something they shouldn’t or about to hurt themselves. No, parents don’t have that capability, but there is someone who does. Our Heavenly Father. He watches out for us and over us. Learn more about how God is our Rear Guard.

Thank You, Lord, for watching out for us and over us.