How to Prepare to Meet Jesus


Do you “clean up” before something important? Maybe we have a job interview or are going to a wedding or out with friends. Do we shower and put on clean clothes? Of course we do.  We prepare for the one we’re meeting. One of Jesus’s beloved followers tells believers in 1 John 3:3 that we should prepare for when we meet Jesus in heaven. “Everyone who has this hope fixed on Him (Jesus) purifies himself, just as He is PURE.” But hasn’t Jesus already made us pure? Yes. Jesus washes us and cleanses of our sins when we repent and confess Him as Lord.  But John makes the point that as God’s children, we should anticipate meeting Christ and therefore guard against daily sin. If we knew we would meet Jesus in the next few moments what might we do in preparation? Right a relationship? Apologize to someone? Say “no” to a sinful habit?  The fact is, we will soon meet Jesus.  How might we “purify ourselves” in readiness to see our risen Lord?

Lord Jesus, You are PURE and we desire to be pure. Forgive our sin. Fill us with Your pure, Holy Spirit.