Are Your Feet Dancing?

Can you imagine being told that a distant relative passed away and left you all his money? “That’s nice of Uncle Fred,” you might say, thinking of the last time you’d seen him with his modest clothing and old car. But then, the executor of the estate continues, “Congratulations! You’re a billionaire!” Stunned, you realize that you never knew how much Uncle Fred possessed. Psalm 16:5 is a wake up call to believers about what we have in Christ. “The Lord is the portion of my INHERITANCE and my cup; You support my lot.” In other words, upon Christ’s death and our confession of Him as Lord, we received an inheritance in Christ: His Holy Spirit, divine nature, mind, power, and heaven!” Friends, that ought to put a smile on our faces and set our feet to dancing. Do we realize all we have in Christ? Are we living joyfully because we are mindful of our INHERITANCE?

Lord, You are our INHERITANCE. We love You, praise You, and rejoice in YOU!