Candy Cane Salvation Poem

I rushed away from the young man.

I’d been watching him with the prior customer. Chipper. Smile on his Covid masked face. I could tell because it was well below his nose. Once again I wondered why people bothered to wear a mask if it rests below their nose. Company policy, I supposed. My turn. As I approached, I thought I heard him sniffle. I did hear him sniffle. There it was again. Certainly he was sick and before I could change my mind about the boxed gingerbread cookie tree I was buying for our grandkids, he reached for it. Too late. His Covid sick germs on my box. “These look great! I hadn’t seen them,” he happily chatted. “They look good!” Why didn’t I say, “You keep them. Merry Christmas.” Instead, I paid and returned his, “Have a nice day,” with “You have a nice day.”

Why Didn’t I?

The next morning, on my knees, in such a holy position, I sincerely prayed that God’s radiance would show through me to others. Pow. Zap. The Holy Spirit gently but powerfully brought to mind the prior afternoon. Less than 24 hours earlier I had the opportunity for which I was praying. However instead of being the light to that young man, I was consumed with myself and hoping I didn’t catch Covid or the flu from him. He was the cheerful one. He was the one smiling and sending me off with well wishes. “I’m sorry, Lord. So, so sorry.”

Take Hold of God’s Overs

“Why didn’t you hand him a candy cane and attached poem with my offer of salvation,” Jesus gently prodded me. I should have done that. I have that somewhere. “If not, write one,” He continued. So here is the poem the Lord gave me in case you find yourself to be as I was. A shopper who hopes you don’t catch a bug from the person handling your purchases. Maybe we can be the one with the smile. Perhaps what we give to them will bless them. We can pray that they read the words and if they do not know the real reason for the Christmas season they will open their heart and receive Jesus as Savior. 

Free: Download and print the poem. Attach to a small candy cane. Instead of rushing through the Christmas season, rush to give the hope and light of Jesus to others by handing out candy canes with the poem.

Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us overs. Use this poem to bring people to salvation.