Which Star Are You Following

Curious and apprehensive about who was scheduled to perform for a halftime show several years ago, I googled “half time show.”  The name of the entertainer immediately popped up. Watching a few minutes of one of his music videos, I was pleased it didn’t include cuss words or nudity. But then……   he is only one of many influential stars. Thank goodness, there is another star, more famous than any other person and His influence will remain after other stars have come and gone. His name is Jesus Christ.  In Revelation 22:16,  Jesus says,

I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.

Jesus is the star whom we are to watch and follow. Jesus is the star we should listen to so often that we know by heart the verses He’s written.  So as you watch earthly stars rise and fall, remember with deep gratitude Jesus, the Bright Morning Star.

Sweet Jesus, we love and adore You. You are the bright morning star.  There is none other we follow and worship but You.

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