Frost Yourself

“Frost yourself” is the marketing slogan in

the chick flick movie “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.”  Actor Matthew McConaughey, who plays an advertising executive, kicks off a campaign with a party; during which women are encouraged to cover, or frost, their ears, necks, fingers, and wrists with diamonds. Dripping with diamonds might look pretty, but even with diamonds draped around actress Kate Hudson’s neck, she still had problems. As we know, it’s not what we put on the outside, but rather on the inside that matters. So how can we “frost ourselves” on the inside?      

Frost Yourself

Although the Bible doesn’t use the term “frost yourself,” it does use other imagery to help us understand our role in sparkling holiness; which is God’s goal for us, and hopefully our goal.

“Fill Yourself”

The Bible uses the terminology “fill” rather than frost. It happens on the inside, rather than the outside, of us. Ephesians 5:18 says, “Be filled with the Spirit.” Now that’s a glistening proposition, isn’t it? Read about God’s Holy Spirit in the Bible and you’ll find verses describing God’s “glory filling the temple.” (2 Chronicles 5:14} 1 Corinthians 6:19 explains that since Christ’s ascension and the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, Christians are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, God’s glory is to now “fill” us. We’re to be “frosted” on the inside with the glorious presence of Christ’s Spirit.

Permeate Yourself

If we desire to obey Ephesians 5:18, we must move beyond a movie analogy to the correct context and verb tense of “be filled with the Spirit.”

To Be Filled with the Spirit is a Command, Not a Campaign Slogan 

God is serious about what is frosting, permeating, and filling us. Ephesians 5:18 isn’t inviting us to be filled with God’s Spirit. It’s commanding believers to be filled with God’s Spirit rather than our fallen nature.

We Are to Be Being Filled Continuously, Not Just Filled One Time

Spiritual “highs” and mountain top experiences serve a role in our lives, but God cares about our day in, day out times, our lonely times, our times of temptation, and times when self-centeredness wants to take control. He wants to guard us from mistakes and use us to draw others to Him. How does that happen?

It happens when we mindfully, continuously allow God’s Holy Spirit to be in command. Rather than only dress with outer clothing each morning, we can pray, “God fill me with Your Spirit. Permeate every fiber of my soul and mind with Your Holiness.” During the day when temptation knocks, we can prayerfully surrender to God’s Holy Spirit. When making decisions, we can pray and ask God for divine direction. Michael Youseff, in his study guide on Ephesians explains, “The filling of the Spirit is not like filling a cup with water. The word filling here (Ephesians 5:18) has the connotation of wind filling the sail of a ship and moving the ship forward. It means the person is immersed, permeated, and moved along by what fills him.” (pg 107)

Frosted or Filled

What about us? Are we more concerned with the frostings of life: what we wear, what our home or business looks like? Or, are we obeying God’s command to continuously frost ourselves, fill ourselves, with God’s Holy Spirit so He is moving us forward? If being filled with the glorious Spirit of God is a new thought for you, prayerfully meditate on what the Bible teaches about the Spirit. If you, like me, have often failed to be filled with God’s Spirit, let’s not let that keep us from repenting and starting fresh today. Our Heavenly Father is merciful and extends His grace to us. Let’s turn to Him and ask Him to fill us with His glorious, divine Spirit.

Heavenly Father, You are merciful and patient. Forgive us when we’re more concerned with our outer frosting and we’re not filled with Your Holy Spirit. Fill us. Permeate every ounce of our being with Your Holiness. Move us forward by Your Spirit so we do Your divine will. In Jesus’ name, Amen.