When You’re Filled with Anxiety

What do you do with worry? How do you respond when you get a bad diagnosis? To whom do you turn in the middle of the night when you’re afraid or sad?  It’s normal to feel anxious, despair, and worry when our loved ones are ill or problems arise. But what Jesus wants us to know is that He’s with us and He cares for us. First Peter 5:7 tells us to cast all our anxiety on Jesus because He cares for us.  Just like a person casts a fishing line into the water, we can cast our anxiety on Jesus knowing that He cares for us and will see us through what we’re experiencing. How about casting your anxiety on Him right now in the form of a prayer. Tell Him all your anxious thoughts. Listen for how He prompts you to go forward.

Jesus, thank You for being a CARING LORD on whom we can cast our anxiety!