Why the Fake Snake Scared Me

While picking blackberries in my backyard I had quite a scare. As I reached for a berry, my hand came inches from a snake. Jumping away, I had a good laugh. It was a fake snake that I’d placed in the garden to scare the birds away. I’m not sure if it worked with them, but it certainly scared me. You may not have had a scare with a fake snake, but have you ever been frightened by something you heard? Have you wondered if something you were told was true or false? In Ephesians 5:6 God tells us, “Let no one deceive you with empty words.” How can we know if what we’re hearing is false? By knowing the truth. Where do we find the truth? In the Bible. How do we have good discernment about those things that are not specifically addressed in the Bible? By listening closely to the Holy Spirit, our Helper and Guide. Grow in truth and discernment by understanding who the Holy Spirit is and how to better discern His voice.  Listen UP.