Praise to the MIRACLE WORKER

“So then, does He who provides you with the Spirit and WORKS MIRACLES among you, do it by the works of the Law, or by hearing with faith?”

Have you ever wished for a miracle? Jesus was and still is a MIRACLE WORKER. But consider the combination of the two words: miracle and work.  Perhaps we think of a miracle as happening with the twitch of the nose as in the 1970’s show “I Dream of Jeannie.” However, Jesus’s life indicates that His miracles weren’t effortless. They took energy and power. (Luke 8:46) They sometimes required the other person taking part in faith. (John 5:8-9) They took place as the person was acting in obedience. (John 9:6-7) Rather than prayerfully demanding, “God, do it now,” perhaps we should pour forth thanks for the ways He has already worked in our lives. Perhaps, we should open our hearts to hear and obey what He tells us to do.

Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for being actively engaged in our lives. You are a MIRACLE WORKER. Open our eyes to Your miracles. Open our ears to Your instructions. Open our hearts to respond in faith. 


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