Be Alert to Satan, the Fraud

Do you ever get a phone call but don’t recognize the name of a person so you decline the call? I was about to do that, when something nudged me, “Answer the phone.” “Hello, ma’am. This is from the Fraud Department.” The caller explained they had denied someone’s attempt to charge $100 at a gas station that was hundreds of miles from where I was. Had I attempted the charge, they wondered. “No,” I replied, wondering when and where a person had scanned my credit card. Thankful it was denied, I thought of Satan and how many times I had not been alert to his scams. I had let his temptations come through and as a result, incurred loss. If you, like me, need your spiritual Fraud department to be on keen alert, get a copy of Experiencing Grace and Peace in Cultural Chaos, a study of 1 Peter. Learn how to avoid satan’s scams.